Friday, January 26, 2007

Creating Monstrosities

That’s what this week’s roleplaying games shared. On Tuesday we continued the downward spiral in My Life with Master, with the Master gradually commanding the Minions to do more and more horrible things in order to create his “perfect menu.” This session featured the eventual retrieval of the priest’s foot, saw somewhat of a recovery for a despondent Minion, and ended with a truly monstrous scene about stealing a baby from its mother’s womb. Based on the amount of Love the characters have, I suspect the game will go two more sessions. This week was a bit less serious than I think I originally intended, as there was a lot of reveling in being evil. If I want to downplay that element, I’ll need to take a stronger hand in guiding things. Of course, we’re all enjoying it right now, so I’m not sure if want to.

In the Iron Kingdoms game, the horror being constructed was steam-powered. We had a bit of a downtime session, and the Professor took that opportunity started building the steam armor he’s been talking about since the beginning of the game. After realizing what his stats will be once he gets it done, we started to get a bit scared. It’s going to result in a very interesting chance of pace in the game, which isn’t a bad thing, I think. I spent some time during the game planting plot seeds for the GM to potentially grow and spring on us later, which also ought to be fun. Our play schedule looks to be a bit erratic for the next few weeks, but I’m hoping we can get together again soon.


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