Tuesday, January 09, 2007

A Dish Best Served Cold

The regular Tuesday roleplaying group got together tonight for the first time this year, and the order of business was planning our My Life with Master game. I've run this once before, about three years ago, and it was my introduction to "non-traditional" RPGs. It will be very interesting to see how it's different this time around.

We decided on a Beast-Collector Master, an exiled French chef known only as "Monsieur" who Wants revenge upon the nobles who spurned him. He intends to take it by creating the perfect menu, albeit by using decidedly unsavory components. He Needs both ingredients and, ahem, test subjects from the townspeople, and his Minions are ready to do his bidding. There are three of these unfortunates. The first is Gregor, a tall and unusually joined man who can hide from anything except vermin but cannot move faster than a walk (except by moonlight). Next is Cosette, who has appeared strangely pregnant for these last five years. She has an exceptional sense of smell except around flowers but she cannot eat with others (except on Sundays). Finally, the muscle of the group is Asa, a hulking brute of a man who can lift anything, except children. He also cannot touch the flesh of any living human except those who love him. These three will do the Master's bidding in a small town on the shores of the Black Sea. . . when we return next week.


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