Friday, January 12, 2007

"It sounds like a cheap place to sleep. Someone's always getting robbed or stabbed there."

Undercover city missions are always fun. In the Iron Kingdoms game, we reached our destination in the mining town of Rynyr, which turned out to be a much bigger and more industrial city than I realized. This session I pretty much took a back seat to the other players, mostly by choice as I had plenty of opportunities to get in trouble. This session focused on the Mikes' characters. Mike M.'s gun mage had to make some tough choices about protecting the innocent or preserving the secrecy of the mission, while Mike S.'s Umbrean arcane mechanic got to deal with some of his countrymen who were serving in the Winter Guard. I tried to stay quiet. We did manage to convince the dwarf we were "rescuing" to come with us, and half of the group got to go off on a bit of a side quest involving destroying someone's apartment. Perhaps best of all, we managed to make it out of the city with a minimum of fuss. We're off next week, so I suspect the fuss will come the week after.


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