Wednesday, February 14, 2007

The Four Samurai

Last night was the first session (not counting last week's planning session) of our game of The Mountain Witch. I've run the game once before at convention, and I'm excited to be running it again. I drove a little too much last night, as we got used to the system and the pacing mechanics, but I suspect that won't be too much of an issue in the final two sessions. We talked about it afterward, and the players are ready to take over. There's already been some foreshadowing of Dark Fates, though I still have no idea who has which cards. I'm also really glad that I read Kwaidan before I started the game, as I stole mercilessly from it for last night's action (though Wikipedia now tells me that what Lafcadio Hearn misidentifies as rokurokubi are technically called nukekubi). It was a good first session, and I'm looking forward to taking a more reactive role next as the players start driving.


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