Thursday, February 15, 2007

A Long Time Coming

This week I finished up two board games that took longer than normal to play. The first was a game of Hacienda that I played on Spiel by Web. I'd never used SBW before, but Eric Burgess (of Boardgame Babylon) was in India for work and needed some connection back to the world of gaming to keep him sane, so I decided to give it a try. Hacienda is well-suited to play via web, as there's relatively little player interaction, and it's not overly long. Even with Eric being timeshifted from us, we still managed to play the entire game in about two weeks. It was an interesting experience, though I still don't think I like the game with five players. At that number it's just a little too cutthroat. And I definitely prefer it on the irregular board.

I also finished up the game of Paths of Glory I've been playing at work over lunch. I lost, through several really poor choices that I made in the last few turns. I still play too aggressively, though I did much better in the early game than I usually do. I'm still learning a lot about the game, and it's creeping up my ratings list. If only it didn't take quite so long to play.


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