Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Best. Show. Evar.

The Tuesday RPG group has decided to shuffle its schedule of upcoming games around, so next up on our list is Primetime Adventures. Last night was our pitch session, and, man, did it rock. I’m more excited about this game than I think I’ve ever been about any other campaign. Why?

Well, we chose to keep it close to home and to do something that we know. (The latter is why we decided against most procedurals. We didn’t think we knew enough about any of the appropriate fields to get them right). So, our game is set in the Santa Ynez Valley. At a winery. With wizards. It’s going to be a tight family drama with all sorts of viticultural symbolism and subtle but creepy magic. I can’t wait.

I may need to re-read Earthquake Weather before next week’s pilot.


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