Monday, April 23, 2007

I Need More Power!

There are some games that I'm not very good at and that I don't enjoy losing (e.g. Reef Encounter). On Saturday, I played one that I'm not very good at and don't mind losing: Power Grid. Power Grid is one of our circle's favorite light-heavyweight games, and it comes to the table quite often. I usually end up playing something else that I have a better chance at winning, but this time, as it was the only thing being played, I joined in a five-player game. I wouldn't say that we were tremendously hardcore, but when Mike bought a particular powerplant, we all knew the game well enough to know that he had won. Despiting finishing last, I felt good about my play. I don't feel like I made any particularly grave mistakes, and I enjoyed myself. I think the key difference between Power Grid and Reef Encounter that allows me to enjoy the former is that Power Grid has very little player downtime. With Reef Encounter, I feel like after my turn I can leave the table for thirty minutes, but in a game of Power Grid, because of the turn structure I'm involved the whole time. That, as it turns out, it important to me.

Amazingly, this was the first time I'd played the Germany board. All of my other plays had been on the US side.


Blogger Ryan Macklin said...

I've heard you talk this game up many times in the past, so I bought it at Conquest Sacramento. I may give it a try tonight, but I have a feeling I'll like it -- since our tastes seem to match somewhat and we both value games with little player downtime.

One day Tevis, you'll use this power of compelling consumerism to your own nefarious ends. That day will spell the Dark Times for my Wallet.

2:49 PM  
Blogger Linnaeus said...

Reef Encounter is via SpielbyWeb, so it's not as bad as it would be face-to-face, but I really find the turn structure in it very strange, distracting and, ultimately, annoying.

I think a more standard I-want-to-do-seven-things-but-only-have-two=actions structure would make the game much more fun, although it would have to be tweaked to accommodate that of course.

As it is, I am not in any rush to try it again.

10:56 PM  

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