Wednesday, April 25, 2007

You Can't Always Get What You Want

I think, after five episodes of Primetime Adventures, that we’re finally figuring things out. Before Tuesday’s game, we reviewed the section on conflict (specifically, on what conflicts are in this system), and I know that helped me. One thing I finally got clear on is that conflicts in PTA are about Protagonist wants. That means my job as the Producer is to know what people want and to put interesting obstacles in front of them. (Yes, this seems obvious in hindsight, but it’s not the case for all games.) This, combined with the fact that we’re far enough into the season that people seem to have a good idea of what their characters want, meant that last night’s game was full of interesting conflict. And even better (from my point of view at least), I finally managed to drain some of that pesky Fan Mail away from the players. Of course, I didn’t win a single conflict during that process, but that’s fine with me.

Overall, I felt like the session built on the groundwork we’d laid in previous episodes and established a momentum that will carry us through the rest of the season. And next week is Roy’s spotlight episode. Woot.


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