Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Round Two

Our Contenders game hit a bit of snag tonight, not because it wasn’t good at what it was trying to do, but because we weren’t trying to do that. We’ve got a good handle on the system now, and it’s very clear that the game pushes you into the ring. The reward structure is constructed in such a way that, in general, fighting makes more sense than working (unless your Pain is really high relative to your Hope, in which case you don’t want to accelerate endgame). As such, we’ve been spending a lot of time fighting and training, and not much time working or connecting. The problem is that Ted and Christina’s characters are very involved in non-fighting related issues. As such, they’re not getting addressed very much. That’s definitely something I wish we had realized at the outset. Still, we’re enjoying ourselves, and I’m looking forward to the wrap-up next week.


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