Wednesday, May 30, 2007

The Third and Final Round

Last night was the finale of our Contenders game, and despite my boasts about winning it all, I lost my only match of the game in my final fight for the belt. The last two fights of the game were a study in contrasts, with Christina losing to an NPC in a first-round knockout and with Ted and I slugging it out for a fourteen long, painful rounds. Amazingly, two of us managed to get positive endings, so Ted’s long-suffering fighter retired after finally regaining the championship while my young up-and-comer reconciled with his brother and will likely win his own title in time. This week’s game reinforced the ideas that I posted last week. My character ended up with the most coherent story because I was able to narrate my Connections into every type of scene I did, including fights. I think it’s really important to create Connections that you’re going to be able to do that with. Otherwise, they don’t end up being as central to play as they should be.

So, Contenders is done. Next week we’ll be back to Primetime Adventures. I should try to remember how to play that.


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