Thursday, May 03, 2007

Waiting For June Sweeps

Tuesday was the midpoint of our Primetime Adventures season and the last episode before our three week break. It was also Roy’s character’s spotlight episode. I felt like it went pretty well, as his character pretty clearly resolved a major story arc, though his Issue remains unchanged. We spent a lot of time dealing with how creepy magic is in this show, and a good bit of the drama came from people finding out about it. That seems pretty played out, though, so I suspect that it will largely be a non-issue in the future. I also felt like I might have pushed for conflicts too much and perhaps over things that didn’t matter. I did end up winning a lot, though. It was interesting to see how the game felt different when the players had less Fan Mail. I think what makes sense is for me to hold back while people are building up Fan Mail and then to go whole hog for folks with a big stack.


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