Sunday, June 03, 2007

One Of These Games Is Not Like The Others

Tom threw a boardgaming event yesterday, and despite the length of it, I only got to play two games. The first was quick two-player game of Caylus - or shall I say a quick dismantling of me. I’m really not a good Caylus player (I swear that every Caylus session report I make includes this phrase), but I still enjoy the game, especially when it’s played quickly. I really should check out Caylus Magna Carta.

The second game was where the time went: We broke out a four-player game of War of the Ring. I’d wanted to try this for a while, and while I think it would probably be better with only two players, I still had a great time. It was a long game, mostly due to the rules explanation and unfamiliarity, but for me it was worth it. The Free Peoples managed to pull of a Ring-related victory, but only because the Shadow forces were completely unable to roll sixes on their Hunt dice. I’m going to be tracking this one down and playing it again.

Today, Gwen and I opened up the copy of Notre Dame I brought back from Gamex. We’d both played the prototype last fall at BGG.CON, and Gwen had played it on Saturday, so I was happy to finally get another shot at it. I was pleased at how well it works as a two-player game, the only real issue being that the cathedral itself tends to become a wash. I was also surprised at how well my carriage strategy worked, though that was due primarily to a board setup that gave me a significant first mover advantage. I’m just as excited about this game now as I was last fall, and given how quickly it plays, I know it will be hitting the table a lot in the coming months.


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