Wednesday, July 25, 2007

The Odyssey, If Odysseus Was A Space Pirate

That was my big takeaway from the planning session of our Full Light, Full Steam game. It’s going to be a game of people trying to get home and the piratical adventures they have along the way. The central McGuffin is the ancient Elven Man-O-War the crew found while lost in the phlogiston, which has the Thematic Batteries “Mysterious,” “Loyal Crew,” and “Responsive.” The ship disappeared thousands of years ago, before the end of the Unhuman War. The crew, stranded in the Flow after a privateering raid gone wrong, found the ship and its pilot, who had spent millennia in suspended animation. They have now finally made their way back to a crystal sphere, and they’re beginning the long trek home.

And here’s who they are.

Captain Guillaume de Lyonesse (Roy), a noble son whose dissolute ways earned him a pointed "invitation" to make a name for himself as a privateer, far away from home. Thematic Batteries: Fiery Temper, Remittance Man, Noblesse Oblige

Reginald “Reg” Verant (Andrew), a middle-aged marksman and gunner who dislikes violence "up close", has a family he misses back home (though he knows that Dora and the kids can take care of themselves), and tries to always keep things low-key and relaxed. Thematic Batteries: Armed, Salt of the Earth, Experienced.

Kaira (Teisha), the teenaged, technology-obsessed wizard who accidentally stowed away on the ship. Thematic Batteries: Young, Inquisitive, Claustrophilic.

Kami Greenleaf (Christina), the elven pirate ninja who intentionally stowed away on the ship to avoid a life in a temple. Thematic Batteries: Diasporic Elf, Prima Donna, Idealistic.

Pietr (Ted), the ancient elven pilot. Thematic Batteries: Elven Noble, Man Out Of Time, Ever-Present.

More to come. . .


Blogger cbcabeen said...

That was my big takeaway from the planning session

Interesting. I came out of the planning session thinking that the Odyssey thing really hadn't stuck. If this were a longer game, we'd totally have to cross-cut to scenes of trouble back home.

Re Naxos: My Odyssey's still packed, but the producer's fans on television without pity are saying that this is actually an allusion to his previous show. Naxos is the island where Dionysus married Ariadne, and apparently the god tried at least once to get there by pirate ship.

9:26 PM  
Blogger Paul Tevis said...

Oh, it stuck, but that doesn't mean I remember what the Odyssey is actual like. As I'm quickly discovering.

And actually, I picked Naxos because it was described by Wikipedia as "the most fertile island of Cyclades."

10:45 PM  

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