Friday, August 10, 2007

What's All This Then?

So, things have happened. Among them, the West Coast Meeple Fest, a board game event organized by Doug Garrett of Garrett's Games and Geekiness. Gwen and I had a great time, and over the course of the long weekend I played 25 games, almost all of them new to me. I'm not going to talk about all of them in detail, so here's my quick judgments on the new ones.

The Best




Not My Bag

Since we gotten back we've also played Scotland Yard and Vino, in an attempt to burn through the games on our "to be evaluated" shelf.

Meanwhile, in RPG-land, we had our second session of Wine Dark Sky. We had fun, but something just didn't sit right with us. We've decided to take a break from it, in part because we're not fully gelled as a group yet. We're going to play something a bit more familiar to integrate the group a little better. We're also taking a break from the regular Tuesday routine because August is insane for me. Tuesday RPGs will return sometime in September.

And soon, off to GenCon!


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