Wednesday, September 19, 2007

This World’s On Fire

Our next game? Burning Empires. Here’s what we came up with last night.

Galactic Location: Casiguran Outworld
Atmospheric Conditions: Human Life-Supporting
Hydrology: Predominantly Liquid
Topography: Broken Terrain
Tech Index: Low
Government: Noble Fief
Factions: Serfs and Slaves, Organized Crime, Merchant League, Theocratic Institutions
Predominant Military: Lords-Pilot
Planetary Attitude Towards Vaylen: Educated
Primary Industry: Raw Materials
Quarantine: Advanced Quarantine (Livestock, pets, offworld labor, travelers, cryonic machinery)
Economic Regulation: Moderately Regulated (Psychology, immigrant labor, sex trade)

Vaylen Disposition: 21/25/23
Human Disposition: 21/26/28

So what we’re picturing so far is a water-dominated planet, with lots of little islands. The oceans of this world produce some sort animal product for export. The Nobility maintains a monopoly not only on Hammer and Anvil, but also on transportation, which they lease out to the Merchant League. This, of course, leads to a thriving pirate community.

The back-story we’ve agreed upon is that the world used to be controlled by the Mundus Humanitas church. However, when the Vaylen invaded previously (a long time ago), the church was ineffective, and merchants banded together to fight off the invasion. The church was shamed, and the leader of the merchants was Ennobled by the Imperial Court (thus driving a wedge between the merchants and their highly effective leader). The current Forged Lady is matrilineal descendant of the resistance leader.

Next step: Figures of Note.


Blogger Hamish said...

So the church is meant to be called "Elegant Humanity" (which is badass btw!) and not "World/Universe/Heavens Humanity"?


8:56 PM  
Blogger Paul Tevis said...

No idea. You'd have to ask Chris Moeller.

3:30 PM  

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