Monday, March 03, 2008

No Apologies, More Games

Yes, it's been too long. Yes, I have more Burning Empires write-ups to post. But first, games I've played recently.

Gwen got me Bamboleo for Christmas, and it's my new favorite dexterity game. I still love Jungle Speed, but this one is great. It almost equals the "geek cool" factor of Polarity but with more playable rules.

Wings of War is better with the miniature planes, but the physical details of the game keep me from enjoying it. It's just too easy to knock planes completely off their heading or screw up the movement distances. Roy and I toyed with the idea of a hex-based implementation of the same basic system, but I'm not sure I like the predictability that introduces.

Ticket to Ride: Switzerland is awesome. Specifically, it's all of the good stuff I love about the original game, plus a mechanic that really makes the tunnels from Europe sing, and it's specifically designed for two or three players. Gwen and I have been playing the heck out of it recently.

I was reminded yesterday of why El Grande is one of my favorite games. After the first scoring round, I was way back in fourth place (out of four). Against three of the most analytical players I know, I pulled myself back to within a few points of the winner. Yes, there's a lot of analysis you can do on the game. Yes, there's the potential for a lot of chaos. But the game seems (at least to me) to reward players who pay attention, who don't completely overlook their opponent's strategy, and who capitalize on unexpected opportunities. And it seems that there's always an opportunity for a comeback.

That's it for now. More later.


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Hey Paul. The last time we corresponded my computer crashed (2004) but I'm willing to risk it again! I now teach at a local community college and one of my more promising students will be visiting your site or emailing you shortly.

Hope all is well with you!

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