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The Multitudinous Seas Incarnadine, Session 3

15 Jan 2008

New Characters

  • Tay: Michael and Miriam's son; merchant league official.
  • Cerelia: Minister of Trade, Tourism, and Public Relations; Pitr's sister.
  • Uriel: Michael's surgeon and second-in-command

Session Summary

Humans choose Take Action against the opposition.

Paul's Color (Hagar): Hagar wishes Ahab and Goliath good luck as they head off on a mission.

Roy's Interstitial: In the Briefing Room, Jael and Pitr (in Anvil armor) inform Miriam of their plan to disrupt a meeting between the conspirators and the pirates. Miriam is worried about the political ramifications, and she wants concrete evidence of treachery. Jael assures her that by the time things become public, there will be a way to link the merchants with the pirates.

Ted's Interstitial: Michael goes to visit Tay in his corporate apartment. There is tension between the two of them, as Tay resents being pushed into the merchant league by his father to further his family's ambitions. Michael lets Tay know that he's worried about someone going

Christina's Interstitial: Miriam and Cerelia go to visit Elisha in the hospital. Cerelia asks Elisha about his attack, and her dislike of Mukhadish (and the ancestor cult) become clear. She arranges for a television crew to interview Elisha in order to help turn public opinion against the pirates. After they leave Elisha, Miriam asks Cerelia to act as Regent if anything happens to her. Cerelia asks Miriam makes her so nervous. Miriam says she doesn't trust her husbands, she doesn't trust the Church, and she doesn't trust Micheal. Cerelia expresses surprise at this last bit, but she he

Ted's Color: As he leaves Tay's office, Michael tells his observation team to begin operations against Tay.

Paul's Color (Omri): Jabin sends a message to someone in Iron that the pirate operation is beginning.

Roy's Conflict: Jael's assault team drops in on a covert meeting between the merchant conspirators and the pirates. They kill the pirate leader and capture a maimed merchant leader, but Jael is gravely wounded and Pitr is forced to assume command.

Jael: Challenging Command, Difficult Close Combat
Pitr: Challenging Tactics, Routine Close Combat ]

Christina's Building Scene: While Jael is in flight to the hospital, Miriam calls Michael and asks him to bring Uriel to operate on Jael. [Uriel's Surgery: Ob4 on 7d] While Jael's in surgery, Pitr does his best to take credit for the operation. Uriel informs them that Jael should make a full recovery, but he'll be healing for a while. [Jael's Forte: Ob4 on 11d]

Paul's Conflict (Hagar): Using the transmitter in Elisha's head, Hagar contacts Miriam on her private channel to ask about Jael. Hagar tells Miriam that's a personal matter between herself and Jael. Hagar accuses Miriam of ignoring love in favor of practicality, while Miriam argues that Hagar is not acting purely out of personal obligation.

Hagar: "It's only when we know what we have to lose that we can truly understand what matters. What got us here and what keeps us alive are two different things."
Miriam: "And I know that I can lose anything, and ultimately who am is not tied up in that man."
Hagar: "Perhaps you're right. Maybe I was wrong. Maybe this wasn't a personal matter. Maybe this is about survival."

[Duel of Wits
Miriam: Routine Persuasion
Hagar: Routine Persuasion ]

Christina's Color: Elisha's interview airs. ("I would like to send a big get well to my friend [CENSORED], because if you think I'm bad you ought to see him.") The anchors attempt to link the pirates with the Vaylen, in the way they always link anything bad with the Vaylen. On the street, rumors spread about the captured merchant leader.

Ted's Building: Michael's scouts play back some tape of one side of a conversation Tay has. Tay clearly know about the conspiracy and is concerned that the captured leader will expose them.

End of Maneuver

The Vaylen also chose Take Action, so the tests are independent.

Miriam's Rhetoric: 3s on 4d
Hagar's Smuggling: 4s on 6d

Epilogue: Aboard the ship, Hagar curses Miriam. "Damn it. She's too good. The frog isn't enough."

Vaylen: 23, Humans 20

Things we learned (fiction)

Tay is in on the conspiracy.

The role of Regent is normally filled by the father of the heir.

There have been prior attempts on Miriam's life.

Things we learned (meta)

Don't get shot.


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