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The Multitudinous Seas Incarnadine, Session 4

29 Jan 2008

New Characters
  • Serena: Miriam's mother, the previous Forged Lord. Deceased, but her brain-tape resides in the hands of the ancestor cult
  • Elizabeth: Sereana's Muhkadish spirit-medium

Session Summary

The Humans choose Go To Ground

Roy's Interstitial: Jael, still recovering from his wounds, seeks out Cerelia to discuss the dangers inherent in the ancestor cult and the sway it has over Miriam. Cerelia explains how the brain-tapes and mediums work. They both agree that problem needs to be dealt with.

Ted's Interstitial: Micahel goes to to Daniel to convince him that more fighting men are needed in the capital. Daniel says that the pirates have been freeing Mukhadish, and Michael express his concern that they're allied with the merchants. "Those who do not know their place on the wheel will be crushed beneath it," Daniel says. Michael agrees to send military assets, "but for our sake, not for hers."

Paul's Interstitial: Meanwhile, in another part of the Temple, Levi conspires with Jabin. "Anything I can do to help," Levi says. "It is their fate to be destroyed."

Christina's Interstitial: Miriam seeks guidance from her mother's spirit through her Muhkadish spirit-medium, Elizabeth.

Serena: "I trust you've found yourself a husband?"
Miriam: "Yes, several."
Serena: "Have any of them betrayed you yet?"
Miriam:"Yes, several."

Serena: "You must forgive a dead woman her faults."

Miriam: "I've long considered the Church the greatest threat to my power."

Miriam: "It's not just him. I need to find a way blind all of the other eyes with my walls."
Serena: "Did I teach you nothing? We are always watched. There is no place we can escape the eyes of those who wish us harm."

Serena: "Only the dead keep secrets from your enemies."

Ted's Building Scene: Michael and Jael meet in the chapel to discuss Miriam's security. Michael asks for assistance in rooting out Daniel's spy among the new men. Jael asks how Michael would go about planting a spy among his ranks: "If you were going to put a spy in my security service, how would you do it?" Michael points out that the Vaylen co-opt people in place; thus, doing the opposite (long-term sleepers) is the best way to avoid Jael's detection. With Jael's help, Michael goes over the records of the new men. [Michael's Circles: Ob5 on 9d; help from Jael] They turn up clean, which, of course makes Michael suspicious.

On Jael's advice ("What we need is scanning. We need to detect bombs, sacs of toxins, and of course, worms."), Michael goes to Cerelia to request better security systems in the palace. "I've come to spend the Forged Lord's money," he says, and he brings her a gift. Michael volunteers his men to help with security; Cerelia is concerned about a scandal. Cerelia confesses that Miriam asked her to become Regent if necessary; Michael is shocked. Cerelia is concerned that Miriam is so worried and agrees to purchase the appropriate equipment. [Cerelia's Resources: Ob14 on 21d; help from Michael and Jael; gets Automated Security 7 for the palace]

Paul's Conflict (Hagar): Tay and Jabin try break out the merchant captured at the pirate rendezvous [Jabin's Security Rigging: Ob5 on 5d (5s) vs. Automated Security: Ob5 on 7d (5s)], but they are discovered and a firefight results. Pitr, realizing his mistake, rushes in. Tay hits him with a stet gun and knocks him out. Tay's forces are doing well until Michael shows up. Michael takes out Tay with his stet gun and his forces captures everyone except Jabin.

[ Firefight
Pitr: Routine Close Combat, Routine Command, Routine Tactics, Challenging Steel
Tay: Difficult Close Combat, Difficult Command, Challenging Steel
Michael: Routine Command, Routine Resources, Routine Close Combat]

Roy's Building: Jael reports to Miriam, "Your son and your ex-husband will both live." They both head to the interrogation room to see to the wounded as the stragglers are rounded up. Uriel sees to Pitr. [Uriel's Surgery: Ob2 on 7d; Pitr's Forte: Ob2 on 6d] Jael presses for Tay to be interrogated immediately. Uriel says to Michael, "I will heal a man for her, but I will not torture one." (Pitr will, however.)

Christina's Building: Miriam offers the opportunity to ask for forgiveness. [Miriam's Intimidation: Ob4 on 9d; help from Pitr, Michael, and Jael] Tay spits on her. Jael tries to stop him, but Michael wounds Tay again. [Jael's Power: Ob2 on 1d (1s) vs. Michael's Power: Ob1 on 3d (2s)] "He's your son," objects Jael. "He gave that up when he joined the Church," replies Miriam.

As Michael is hustled out, Miriam tells Jael, "You get out of here too." Jael agrily complies and deactivaties the recording system. "Do you have any idea what your life is going to look like from now on?" Miriam demands. Silence. "Do you care?"

Roy's Color: Jael is in a rehab facility for maimed Hammer (all women).

End of Maneuver

The Vaylen chose Take Action against the Humans, so it's a versus roll.

Miriam's Persuasion: Ob3 on 11d (6s); help from Michael and Pitr
Hagar's Smuggling: Ob6 on 7d (3s); help from Jabin

Nine months pass. . . (And Tay makes his recovery roll. [Tay's Forte: Ob3 on 4d])

Vaylen: 23, Humans 20

Things we learned (fiction)

Nurses are male. Surgeons are female.

Cerelia loves off-world art and artifacts.

There are feasts where the ancestors get together to renew old grudges and feuds. The relationships of the dead never change.

There was a feud between Michael's family and one of the other husband's.

When possessed by Serena's spirit, Elizabeth is the Forged Lord.

There are no security pickups in the ancestor cult chamber.

Cerelia is a devout follower of the Church.

Cerelia thinks Michael is hot.


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