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The Multitudinous Seas Incarnadine, Session 5

12 Feb 2008

New Characters
  • Lord-Pilot Magnate Makeda: head of Clan Kraken, Avram's mother, and the primary conspirator among the merchants
  • Cedric: a leader of the Muhkadish

Session Summary

The Humans choose Assess the Factions

Paul's Color (Hagar): Jabin slips Goliath in to the temple complex to visit Elizabeth, his mother.
[Jabin's Infiltration: Ob3 on 4d]

Roy's Building: Jael, Miriam, Michael, and Cerelia meet to discuss their current position. (Michael is present via super-secret comm link.) Jael's investigation has revealed that the primary connection between the pirates's is Clan Kraken, headed by Lord-Pilot Magnate Makeda. [Jael's Investigative Logic: Ob3 on 9d; help from Miriam (Accounting), Cerelia (Accounting), and Avram (Court Gossip-wise)] Miriam suggests considering revoking their charter; Cerelia counters that the evidence so far isn't strong enough justify such an action without tremendous outcry from the other clans. Jael, in his search for leverage over the Church, has been looking for incriminating prostitutes but doesn't have any hard evidence yet. ("The dregutai are celebate. . . nominally.") [Jael's Investigative Logic: Ob3 test on 6d; help from Michael] Michael suggests that the Muhkadish represent an opportunity rather than a necessary threat, which Jael and Cerelia object to. In private, Jael relates to Miriam a story from Elisha about the fall of another planet due to Vaylen infiltration of the Muhkadish. [Elisha's Human History: Open test on 6d]The primary divergence from this world is that the Mukhadish were all free, rather than slaves. Miriam thanks Jael for the advice. "The reason I keep you by my side is your paranoia."

Paul's Conflict (Hagar): Lord-Pilot Magnate Makeda comes to visit the Forged Lord. After the ceremonal exchange of gifts (performed by the Mukhadish ancestors), Makeda confronts Miriam about Tay's imprisonment. Miriam convinces her that Miriam's marriage to Avram binds their families together and they must both face the pirates. "I see from the ancestors you brought that you value the bonds of marriage. That's what hold us and our planet together." Makeda assents and agrees to convince Tay to accept the Psychologist's touch.

[Duel of Wits:
Miriam's Persuasion, 1 Routine
Makeda's Persuasion, 1 Routine]

Ted's Color: In flashback to before he joined the League, Tay gives Michael power of attorney over his medical care when he's incapacitated.

Roy's Color: Jael and Cerelia have been sponsoring a campaign of violence against the Mukhadish. A gang of local toughs beat a Mukhadish to death.

Christina's Interstitial: In flashback to near the beginning of Tay's imprisonment, Miriam calls Michael from the moon to confront Michael about Tay's legal situation.

Miriam: "Technically, this will be easier if I have your permission."
Michael: "So you're willing to let him back into your life? You know that's a risk."
Miriam: "That's the same with everyone else in my life."
Michael: "Jael usually doesn't let people who betray you back in the building."
Miriam: "But we know there are exceptions."

Michael: "You promise you'll give him a chance to shine?"

Michael:"You're not going to just stick him in a room somewhere?"
Miriam: "No, I plan to marry him off."
Michael: "Marriage doesn't always work."

Michael assents to the procedure.

Roy's Interstitial: Elisha, hearing that Miriam is looking for a Psychologist, comes to talk with her about her relationship with her husbands and with Tay.
Elisha: "These men that you marry, they trust you, are at their most vulnerable with you, are they not?"
Miriam: "Some of them."
Elisha: "It is a hard thing when you have a child that betrays you, disappoints you. You humans, humans, you have saying, "Flesh of my flesh? You know we Kerrn, we bud. Flesh of our flesh indeed. The Fazzia, it grows from him, you watch it develop. Sometimes, there is the bad bud, though, you know. They do not do what they are told. They go off, they hide in places on the Omship. I have seen it happen even in the students in my Yeshiva. You look and they, day by day, they have slipped away, you know? They are fermenting biologically active compounds. Suddenly, you do not know them. The Fazzia, they come and they do not know this thing they have made, this thing that they thought was like them. And what you do then, it is a very hard thing. Sometimes, you sends them to become Solzaja; the displine, it molds you. Sometimes I suspect so it was with Jael. But sometimes, you must do hard things. Sometimes you must treat them sternly. You cannot let your feelings for a bud threaten the Omshiip. I know that you will do what is right. You world means so much to you."

Ted's Building: Cedric, a leader of the Mukhadish, comes to Michael to beg for help and protection against Jael. [Michael's Circles: Ob3 on 8d]

Cedric: "He is no better than a plant. He cannot rise above what he is."

Cedric: "They think we are traitors? We speak for their dead! We have given many of our number so they may speak with those who have gone to the sea."

Cedric: "We shall ride the Wheel!"

Michael asks him for a Mukhadish volunteer for medical experimentation to develop a treatment to seal the Naiven tube. Uriel begins work on her research. [Uriel's Pharmacology: Ob6 on 5d]

Later, Michael tries to find the security tech who hooked up the palace's system so that he can tap into it, but fails. [Michael's Circles: Ob5 on 9d; using two Reputation dice]

Paul's Building (Omri): The Vaylen Usurper gets a new gun. [Resources: Ob3 on 9d]

Christina's Building: Miriam meets with the Psychologist on the moon. "I want him returned loyal to me, and want all the details of his treachery." [Miriam's Circles: Ob4 on 8d; help from Elisha]

Makeda arrives and convinces Tay to submit.

Tay emerges newly loyal to the family, but if push comes to shove, he'll pick Michael over Miriam.

End of Maneuver

The Vaylen choose Flak.

Jael's Investigative Logic: Ob1 on 8d (3s) (help from Michael (Investigative Logic and Miriam (Accounting)
Hagar's Persuasion: Offense: 1s on 3d, Defense: Ob3 on 3d (1s)

Epilogue: Jael sitting in her office late at night, going over Makeda's debriefing, a chart of Mukhadish deaths, and a pixelated video of a dregus and prostitute moving out of range of the security camera.

Vaylen: 23, Humans 19

Things we learned (fiction)

The temple complex isn't in the palace.

Lord-Pilot Magnate Makeda's clan is the single biggest player in off-world commerce.

Clans are identified by totemic ocean creatures: Scylla (Michael), Leviathan (the second husband), Kraken (Makeda)

Clan Kraken is not old money.


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