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The Multitudinous Seas Incarnadine, Session 7

4 March 2008

New Characters
  • Rachel: Makeda's eldest and favored daughter
  • Leah: Makeda's younger daughter

Session Summary

The Humans choose Take Action against the Vaylen
The Vaylen choose Take Action against the Humans

Paul's Interstitial (Hagar): Hagar, Ahab, and Jabin plot to purge the traitors and informers from their ranks.

Christina's Color: A funeral procession for those martyred by the pirates, led by Muhkadish mediums, comes to the gates of the Cathedral, which are closed to them. The mediums are recounting the ways in which the martyrs died and the procession denounces the impiety of the pirates.

Paul's Conflict Scene (Omri) : While Jael and Nimrod examine their data on the pirates, Nimrod raises the possibility that Pitr is either a willing or unwilling spy. While Jael talks about duty, Nimrod focuses on Pitr's ambition. Jael agrees to cut Pitr out of the loop until his loyalty can be proved. Nimrod's respect for Jael grows as a result of his willingness to run an isolation op.

[Duel of Wits: Jael's Persuasion, 1 Routine; Nimrod's Persuasion, 1 Challenging; Jael ends up with a complicated Relationship with Nimrod.]

Ted's Intersitial: Michael finds Cerelia and Miriam having breakfast and reviewing the footage from the funeral procession. Cerelia leaves. Michael's been trying to understand what's happened to Tay, and he's concerned that Tay was coming after Miriam next. Michael suggests that they use Miriam as bait for a pirate trap.

Michael: "I don't want to use Tay again. I want to give him a chance."
Miriam: "I'm giving him a chance."
Michael: "By fucking over everything he's worked for?"
Miriam: "Yes, when what his work was was to betray me. I'm giving him another chance by allowing him to tear this down. After all his treachery has been buried with his own hands, then we can start again."

Miriam wants to make sure she can count on Michael's military support.

Miriam: "Will this be official or unofficial?"
Michael: "Does it matter?"
Miriam: "It matters a great deal to me."
Michael: "I think it's too early to make it public. Rumors are fine, but I will not be used for your propaganda."
Miriam: "I don't want to appear to be in Daniel's debt."

Paul's (Hagar) Building: Hagar rounds up a traitor in her ranks (someone from Makeda) and executes him in front of the assembled pirate fleet. [Hagar's Circles: Ob5 on 8d] "We have been for too long under the thumb of the Forged Lord and crushed beneath the Wheel of the Church. We must band together if we are to find a new place for ourselves, if we are to raise ourselves up. But there are some who do not share our dream. Some who feel it is better to sell out the dreams of their companions. Some who feel that this world is not worth sacrifice. For them, there can be but one fate. *blam* Such is the fate of all who would oppose the future. Who would keep those down that would rise above their stations. Such is the fate of the old world, for we are the new!"

Roy's Building: In the war room at the Cathedral, Jael, Michael, Esau discuss the pirate situation. Jael: "We lost a good man today, shot like a gaffed pike."

They plan ambush to draw out the pirate leaders. Jael asks, "What can we do to convince them that we've actually put the Forged Lord at risk?" Tay plants rumors among the pirates that Miriam is arranging a marriage for him.

[Jael's Investigative Logic: Ob5 on 8d (6s); help from Michael (Scheme-wise, Conspicious) and Miriam (Noble-wise) vs. Hagar's Investigative Logic: Ob6 on 7d (5s)]

[Hagar's Circles: Ob5 on 8d; Enmity Clause, the observers are Tay's men]

[Troops' Infiltration: Ob3 on lots of dice; help from Jael (Command) and Michael (Strategy, Sodalis-wise)]

Christina's Interstitial: Just before the ambush, Tay reassures Miriam that Michael will be fine. He asks about what the Psychologist did to him.

Tay: "Is this affection I feel for him real, or is this something you put in my head? I don't know any more."
Miriam: "I think it's real, but remember, you chose to let the Psychologist in. I never would have forced that on you."

Miariam: "Tell me, why was it Makeda that you listened to?"
Tay: "Maybe because her family is much like my father's and mine: discontent with their place in this world, scrabling for a higher rung. A kindred spirit? Maybe it was just the right words at the right time. Maybe she said something that resonated with me. Maybe I wanted to prove myself to you. Maybe I wanted to prove myself to him. Do we really know so much about why it is we do what we do?"
Miriam: "Your interests and mine don't have to conflict."
Tay: "It's hard not to hate you for what you have done. But you're right, I need to look at things rationally. Sometimes we're forced to do things by our circumstances, not because we want to do them, but because we must."
Miriam: "So what you're saying is that if I married you to any woman, I wouldn't be able to trust either of you not to betray me again."
Tay: "Yes."
Miriam: "I can respect that." Thought bubble: "He's like his father."

Ted's Conflict: On a small island, the ambush takes place. Michael's forces steamroll the pirates, capturing Ahab, though Jabin and the flagship escape.

[Firefight: Michael's Command: 1 Routine; Tactics, Ob3 on 6d; Close Combat Ob5; Esau's Command, 1 Routine; Tactics, Ob 3; SSW Ob2 on 5d; Ahab's Signals, 1 Routine; Command, 1 Challenging; Tactics, 1 Challenging; Jabin: VW Ob3 on base ]

Roy's Interstitial: Later, Pitr storms in to Jael's office.

Pitr: "Why wasn't I informed?"
Jael: "Why would you have been informed?"
Pitr: "I'm her husband."
Jael: Thought bubble: "We fooled him too. Is that why we fooled them?" Aloud: "I assure you, she was never in any danger."
Pitr: "I saved your life, Jael. I deserve better than this."
Jael: "We have a job. I did it. I didn't take action against you. I didn't put your wife at risk. How is it that I have wronged you in this?"
Pitr: "I don't know enough about Kerrn biology to know whether or not the idea of impotence gets through your skull. I have a role to play in this. I have something that she has given me to do and you have taken that from me."
Jael: "This human problem is something that thankfully we do not suffer from, this castration fear you all carry around with you."
Pitr: "I trusted you, Jael. I thought we had an understanding."
Jael: "I thought we had an understanding, too. I thought we had an understanding that we would do whatever it took to protect the Forged Lord. Tell me, wouldn't you do everything for her?"
Pitr: "Did it work?"
Jael: "I worked very well, and I would appreciate your input as we reviewed the debriefings."
Pitr: "I'm sorry. There's something else I need to do."

Christina's Building: In space again, Miriam meets with Makeda to discuss marrying Erik to one of Makeda's daughter to seal the bond between the families. Makeda offers Rachel, but Miriam suggests Leah for Erik's sake.

[Miriam's Circles: Erik (Ob4 on 8d; help from Michael; Enmity) and Leah (Ob3 on 9d; help from Michael; predisposed, relationship)]

Ted's Color: On the Isle of Beasts, Uriel frustratedly realizes that her medical texts on Muhkadish didn't have a large enough sample size for their studies.

Roy's Color: In a scene very reminiscent of the opening, Ahab's interrogation begins. Jael presents his findings to Miriam, who denounces the pirates to the merchant league.

End of Maneuver

Jael's Investigative Logic: Ob2 on 7d (2s); help from Michael and Miriam (Rhetoric); 2 Persona
Hagar's Investigative Logic: Ob2 on 7d (2s)

Vaylen: 19, Humans 15

Epilogue: The merchants give the Forged Lord a standing ovation while Pitr consults his encrypted files.

Things we learned (fiction)

Pirate ship going underwater would be cool.

The Church is gendered female (and has lots of husbands).

List-making is masculine.

Makeda has two daughters, Rachel (the favored daughter, two husbands) and Leah (the other, no husbands)

Things we learned (rules)

As long as you know roughly what both sides want from a DoW, you don't have have to spell it out exactly beforehand.

Against independent actions, all Point successes reduce Body of Argument (same thing with Take Action).

Cloaking against Sensors is best combined with cloaking against Signals.


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