Tuesday, May 13, 2008

In a Wicked Age, Session 1

6 May 2006

Oracle: Blood & Sex
  • A siren-ghoul, who entices the amorous into deadly peril.
  • An oasis of sweet water in a barren wilderness, haunted by the shadows of some vast atrocity committed centuries ago.
  • A slayer of monsters, heralded and lauded.
  • The death of the primary heir of a local noblewoman.
  • Jila, the siren-ghoul (played by Ted)
    • Best Interests: For the slayer to fall in love with the mother; for the lover to join me in undeath.
    • Particular Strength: Unearthly Beauty (with Love/Maneuvering, Far-Reaching)
  • Asanu, the dead heir (played by Christina)
    • Best Interests: For my lover to join me in death; for my mother not to name a new heir.
    • Particular Strength: Touch of Time (with Love/Maneuvering, Consequential (with Love/Action))
  • Ashur Bey, the slayer of monsters (played by Roy)
    • Best Interests: For the lover to fall in love with me; for the head of the siren-ghoul to hang from my belt.
    • Particular Strength: The sword Kismet (with Violence/Action, Consequential (for Myself/Self-Protection))
Other characters
  • Soraya, the noblewoman
    • Best Interests: For the slayer to destroy the shadows; for the ghoul to face justice for the death of my son.
  • Merzhad, the lover of the dead heir
    • Best Interest: For me to be named heir
  • The shadows
    • Best Interest: To absorb the dead heir
    • Particular Strength: Bloodlust (with Violence/Action, Consequential (Directly/Action))
How it went down

Ashur Bey arrives at Soraya's palace in the barren wilderness. She instructs him to destroy the shadows that plague the oasis and that caused the death of her son, Asanu. Ashur Bey seeks out his fiancee Merzhad to learn the details of Asanu's death.

Merzhad, meanwhile, is visited by the ghost of Asanu, who professes his undying love for her. Ashur Bey arrives, and Merzhad is torn between her dead lover and the very much alive Ashur Bey. Asanu succeeds in making Ashur Bey look foolish, and he leaves to investigate the oasis.

Later, Merzhad discusses Asanu's reappearance while bathing with her best friend, Jila, who is disguised in human form. Jila suggests that if Merzhad can recover Asanu's signet ring, Soraya will be forced to acknowledge Merzhad's claim as heir to the kingdom. The two of them sneak out of the palace and head for the oasis. Asanu disguises himself as a feather on Merzhad's breast and comes along.

Ashur Bey has already arrived at the oasis and given the shadows a whipping. This doesn't stop them from whipping up a sandstorm to separate Asanu (in feather form) from Merzhad. The feather catches on a reed near the edge of the oasis, and when Jila and Merzhad arrives, Ashur Bey helps them locate Asanu's body. A struggle ensues, as the shadows attempt to animate the corpse to choke Ashur Bey. In the confusion, Jila reveals her true form, Merzhad stabs her with Ashur Bey's sword, and Jila kisses Merzhad. The shadows are defeated, and Asanu's spirit reinhabits his decaying body. Merzhad rejects both Jila and Asanu.

Soraya arrives with a small force of men. Asanu convinces her not to name an heir, and Jila makes her fall in love with Ashur Bey, who becomes prince consort.

Some months later, after a failed revolt, Merzhad lies dying in her prison cell. Jila and Asanu come to her, and she accepts their offer to join them in undeath.

After Soraya's death, no heir is named, and the kingdom is reclaimed by the harsh desert sands...

We Owe
  • Ashur Bey
  • Jila
  • Asanu


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