Thursday, June 19, 2008

The Multitudinous Seas Incarnadine, Phase 1 Wrapup

Sadly, I don't have a recording of the final session of phase one to give a good summary from, so I'll jot down what I remember. The Vaylen, sensing victory was near, chose Gambit, so as to prevent Flak. The Humans, realizing this was probably their last maneuver of the phase, chose Inundate, so as to do as much damage to the Vaylen as possible.

The pirates staged a daring rate on the island of the mediums. Jabin warned Jael about this ahead of time, giving Miriam a chance to ask Tay to bug out. The Archocotare, having gotten wind of this through Levi, ordered Michael back to the Temple so that he couldn't participate. Jael forced Levi to admit that there was a prophecy concerning "one from the Outer World, coming at a time of great crisis, who would be tested by fire" and that Levi believed Jael to be the subject of the prophecy. Michael's ship reported "technical difficulties" en route and diverted to the island. A huge Firefight ensued, with Michael's Anvil supplementing Miriam's Hammer and Jael's security forces. In the end, Tay himself disabled the Pirate Queen with a shot from his stet gun; her forces were smashed and the survivors scattered. Miriam made good on her word to let Ahab go, and he and his brother Jabin escaped in the pirate flagship. Goliath also survived to lead a ragtag band of Mukhadish freedom fighters.

In the maneuver roll, both sides reduced each other to zero, thanks to lots of dice, Artha, and call-ons. We decided that both sides got part of what they wanted: the quarantine was reduced to normal levels, and the pirates were eliminated as a faction for phase two.

The pirate threat ended, peace descended on the planet. For a time...


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