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The Multitudinous Seas Incarnadine, Session 9

18 March 2008

Session Summary

The Humans choose Take Action against the Vaylen
The Vaylen choose Take Action against the Humans

Paul's Interstitial: Cerelia and Makeda suggest striking economically at the pirates by removing the quarantine on various items. These regulations were put in place after the last confrontation with the Vaylen, and the Merchant League has been agitating for changes for years. Miriam agrees, but asks Cerelia to follow up with Jael about the security aspects. Afterward, Cerelia suggests to Miriam that she talk with Pitr. He hasn't said anything, but she can tell he's upset. Miriam thanks her and says that she will.

Ted's Interstitial: Michael calls Lord Omri to talk about how the pirates continue to vex Omri, especially without Nimrod. Michael leaks word of Makeda's proposal to Omri. Omri points out that the league has been clamoring for this for years, but that the nobles have been dragging their feet. With Miriam's support, though, it should pass. Omri notes that this sort of insider information could be very profitable, and Michael hints that his information is not free, as he's looking for a way to supply his secret forces with military tech. Omri smiles and says that they'll be in touch. Afterwards, Michael makes a call to another noble...

Christina's Interstitial: In the secure room, Miriam and Jael talk "off the record." She asks, "Jael, why is Cerelia coming to me complaining about how her brother is being treated?" Jael admits he's been cutting Pitr out. "I did not tell you about this because it is not fair to talk about your husband without more proof, but certain signs are present that Pitr might be compromised." Miriam has a hard time believing this and grins her teeth when Jael mentions that Michael was also in a position to know. Jael expresses his surprise and disgust that Pitr would take it so personally. Miriam thanks Jael for doing her dirty work, but she insists that Jael bring him back in from the cold. Jael assents and apologizes. "Bring it too me sooner next time," Miriam asks.

Jael's Building: Jael ask Michael to put her in touch with a propagandist. They work on pro-quarantine posters. "Use only licensed prostitutes." "A brain-scan a year keeps the world safe from fear." "Vigilance. Inspection. Customs. VICtory!" "The Worm Is Always Watching"

Paul's Building (Hagar): Hagar, Jabin, and Goliath track down a master smuggler, Jonas, to fill the gap left by Ahab's capture. When Jabin is informed that there will be no rescue mounted to recover Ahab, he is surprised and shocked.

Michael's Interstitial: In Michael's private house on the church ground, Tay says his goodbyes before heading off to oversee the island of the mediums. ("I suppose being shipped off is better than being married to Leah.") Michael asks why he did all this. Tay says he wanted be respected for who he was.

Miriam's Interstitial: As the breakfast plates are cleared, Miriam and Michael discuss their sons. Miriam jokes about marrying Tay off to Jael. "Choosing marriages is women's work." "Men don't seem to have much sense in terms of getting getting into marriages, one way or another." Miriam asks Michael to talk to Erik about his impending marriage to Leah. Michael agrees it's a good match, but he's worried about giving Makeda a hold over him. Miriam wants Erik to want this.

Miriam: "He's good boy."
Michael: "He does what his mother tells him."
Miriam: "Like I said."

The two of them both are made slightly uncomfortable by the similarity between this marriage and their own. Michael suggests sending them on an off-world honeymoon.

Miriam: "Michael, how are you of all people telling me they should go off world?"
The glass shatters in his hand.
Michael:"I'm sorry. I can plot all I want, but sometimes things hit a little close to home."

Paul's Conflict: Miriam confronts Pitr about the situation with Jael

Miriam: "Do you have anything to report? You haven't been reporting to Jael, I hear."
Pitr: "I don't have anything to say to Jael."

Miriam: "Surveillance does things to people."

Pitr: "How many husbands before me will you have? Michael, Avram, now her?"

Pitr questions whether or not he's supposed to be here, and he admits he's been thinking of joining the Church.

Miriam: "I run a bureaucracy Pitr. Sometimes things get... lost. Sometimes I'm as confined in iron as you are. You need to help me figure out what the best place for you is."

Miriam: "There's something you can do for me. Michael's gathering a secret army of Mukhadish. Jael doesn't know about it."

His sense of purpose re-invigored, Pitr agrees to stay.

Pitr: "Am I your loyal subject."
Miriam: "And my husband."
Miriam: "Always."

He smiles as he leaves.

Jael's Interstitial: Jael asks Nimrod how someone like Lord Omri is affected by the quarantine. Nimrod says Omri breeds Mukhadish slaves for profit, but asks why Jael's is suddenly interested in him. Jael says he's more interested in the nobles as a class.

Nimrod explains how Miriam uses the ancestor cult to her advantage.

They briefly discuss the altercation with Pitr, and Nimrod blames himself for not anticipating it.

Michael's Interstitial: Michael passes Nimrod in the hall on the way to see Jael. Michael brings rumors of changes in the quarantine level, and Jael lets Michael know she's heard about his scheming (though not about the details). Michael explains the economic relationship between the quarantine and the pirates. Jael objects to these ideas, but Michael insists that unless structural changes are made, pirates will continue to exist, even if the current pirates are smashed. Both come to the conclusion that perhaps co-opting them is the best plan.

Michael objects to the portrayal of the Mukhadish in Jael's posters. "If they were like you, immune to the worm?" "If Kerrn had wings, they would be birds."

Jael: "Hope is a noble thing, so long as you do not let it blind you to what is."

Christina's Conflict: Following his torture, Ahab is brought to see Miriam and Jael in the throne room. He is treated suspiciously well.

Miriam offers him a chance to start over somewhere else, by leading pirates to desert. At first he resists, but Hagar's betrayal convinces him that he will never succeed her. A broken man, he believes that the Forged Lord will not betray him in this.

Jael's Building: Jael escorts Ahab back to his cell and pumps him for information on the way, trying to establish connections between various merchants and the pirates. Ahab sees through the ploy and reveals nothing. "Don't pretend you have my best interests at heart. She doesn't and neither do you.

Paul's Interstitial (Daniel): Levi calls Jael and patches in a signal from Jabin. Jabin offers Hagar in exchange for the release of Ahab, his brother. Jael does not agree immediately but does agree to keep talking.

Michael's Building: Michael goes to talk with Erik about his arranged marriage. Erik confesses that most of his unhappiness comes from the surprise of it all. "I thought Tay would be first." Michael raises the possibility of the couple spending some time off-world after the wedding. Erik asks Michael to introduce him to Leah. He agrees.

Later he follows up with Uriel about the state of her research. "Damn these Mukhadish! If only they worked how the books said." "It will certainly make a name for you if you succeed." She asks about Tay and the rest of the family. Later she calls up an old-friend, an off-worlder stentor named Nicolai.

End of Maneuver

Miriam's Rhetoric: help from Jael's IL: 1s
Hagar's Smuggling: help from Jabin and Jonas: 4s

Vaylen: 13, Humans 9


Jabin spys on Hagar and Jonas's planning.

Things we learned (fiction)

Cerelia arranged the marriage between Miriam and Pitr.

Avram is very fond of his younger sister, Leah.

Not all merchants are nobles.

Ahab had a distinquished Hammer career before he dead-ended and became a pirate.

Erik is a bit of womanizer.


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