Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The Multitudinous Seas Incarnadine, Session 10

25 March 2008

Session Summary

Both sides choose to Take Action

Roy's Color: Jael's police forces raid several suspected pirate-allied merchants.

Ted's Color: Michael's forces plant evidence on several of his enemies before the raids.

Christina's Interstitial: Miriam and her retinue visit one of the Mystes to read the omens about the pirates. She casts the sacrifice into the fire and it spits fire back at her. "The Wheel spins out of control. Fire blazes everywhere. Those would ride this Wheel: beware."

Roy's Interstitial: Jael sends Elisha to investigate the ancestor cult. Elisha expresses his pleasure that Jael has learned to accept its existence, and he agrees to help look for "outside influences" on the cult.

Ted's Building: Michael talks Benjamin, an administrative dregus, about the placement of "spiritual advisers" with nobles. Benjamin reveals that the Archcotare has been maneuvering these chaplains, perhaps for his own plans.

Benjamin: "Don't take this personally, but thank the Wheel you're not the Archcotare."

Christina's Interstitial: Miriam goes to visit Tay on Medium Island, where she ceremonially installs him as the local governor. After all the pomp and circumstance, they discuss the current pirate situation. He is a bit drunk, and his guard is down. "Jael has always served you faithfully. Tell me, do you think of her more as a husband or a daughter?" Miriam avoids answering. Tay talks about how Hagar is a figurehead, inspiring the imaginations of the pirates. Tay explains that he doesn't share their ideology. Miriam is relieved to hear this. They agree that they're stuck with each other.

Ted's Color: Miriam flies the grav sled back, though no one really knows it.

Roy's Conflict: Elisha has been on the temple island for some time when he notices Mukhadish symbols (like hobo signs) that reveal a secret way into the complex to speak with their own ancestors. He finds a secret chamber with primitive paintings of Medium Island. Elizabeth enters from the water, and Elisha hides but eventually reveals himself and confronts her. She is surprised to see him, and asks forcefully why he is here. Elisha backs down and tells her why he has come. She reveals that how the Mukhadish use this chamber and some about her own background.

He pushes her about her history and she reveals that her son is prominent among the pirates. Elisha comes to see the Mukhadish as spritial kin of the Kerrn.

Ted's Building: Michael accompanies Erik to meet Leah at one of her clan's residences. Makeda greets them and tries to cover for Michael's lack of ceremony. While Erik and Leah get to know each other, Michael assures Makeda that he has no intention of arranging the death of her eldest daughter to advance his own family's interests. She see that she had underestimated him. Michael wants to know if he can trust Makeda, and she questions whether or not he is capable of trust. Makeda says that she does not want be his enemy. "I think we're too much alike to be good friends, but I think we can come to some understanding." They exchange priority access codes so as to keep the lines of communication open.

Roy's Interstitial: Jael debriefs Elisha about his mission. Jael is annoyed by Elisha's new-found respect for the Mukhadish.

Paul's Conflict: A would-be kidnapper breaks into Makeda's residence to make off with Leah. Unfortunately, Michael is there and foils the attempt.

Miriam's Interstitial: After speaking with her mother, Miriam talks with Elizabeth about the bad omens. Miriam warns Elizabeth about Jael's intentions towards the cult. Elizabeth tells her about Elisha's visit. Miriam thinks that Jael's problem is that she is not married. Elizabeth wonders if it would help if Jael could speak to her ancestors.

Paul's Interstitial: Hagar throws the kidnapper out of the ship and into the water.

End of Maneuver

Jael's Investigative Logic: 5d, 2s
Hagar's Smuggling: 8d; help from Jabin and Jonas, 4s

Vaylen 11, Humans 5

Things we learned (fiction)

You purify yourself with smoke before visiting the Mystes.

The Mystes are very parallel to the ancestor cult.

The Kerrn relax in mists.

Most Anvil and Hammer Lords have personal chaplains, some of which are officially appointed.

The temple complex is on an island in the bay near the capital. The complex is built into the shear cliffs facing out to sea. On the side facing the city, there is a huge patchwork of shops on the approach to the temple.

Elizabeth wears a ceremonial amulet that is used when speaking for the Mukhadish ancestors.

Elisha is gendered male. He's like Jael's brother.

Elisha's regalia includes a funny hat.

Part of Serena's personality has bled over into Elizabeth, especially with regards to family.